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Whats Up With Spencer Pratt’s New Cowboy Style?

Posted by: Lauren

October 8th, 2009

Heidi Montag expressed concern for husband Spencer Pratt’s new cowboy hat in the trailer for the new “Hills” episodes. He’s been seen all over Los Angeles rocking the hat, and he seems pretty comfortable in the Western gear — but his friends don’t quite get it.

Kristin Cavallari just sort of laughed the fashion statement off in her devil-may-care style. And former bro Brody Jenner can’t quite figure out what Spencer is up to now that he’s in his wild, wild West phase of life.

“Every time I go to film or I’m filming with somebody else, I hear stories that Spencer’s wearing cowboy hats all the time now and wearing charms, some kind of necklaces,” he told MTV News. “I’ve heard a lot of things, but I haven’t been able to see it myself.”

Little sister Stephanie Pratt thinks the whole cowboy look is just odd. “It’s really fun to make fun of him lately. … I go over to their house, and I’m like, ‘Spencer, stop going through Heidi’s clothes.’ It’s really fun,” she said. “He says the cowboy hat is, like, a gift from Dad and blah blah blah, but he’s, like, getting really scary.”

It seems Spencer is the only one who doesn’t see what the big deal is. “Well, it was because my new father-in-law gave it to me, and he gave it to me with such a serious speech connected to it [about] how much it truly meant to him and his life and everything,” Pratt explained. “For me, it wasn’t really more a fashion statement — it was more something for my father-in-law.”

Episode one of the hills without Lauren Conrad

Posted by: Lauren

September 29th, 2009


Well, we’re only one episode of Kristin Cavallari-centric “Hills” deep, and I already miss Lauren Conrad.

Which is odd, I know, because let’s face it — Lauren wasn’t adding a whole bunch to the show toward the end of last season, complacently sifting through clothes racks at People’s Revolution and constantly being forced into awkward situations with frenemy Heidi.

But there was something about Lauren’s calm demeanor and subtle eye rolls that endeared her to me. Perhaps the part of her life she revealed on the show wasn’t all that dramatic, but it never seemed like she was spewing outright lies.

Enter Kristin, wearing daisy dukes and very high heels while hopping out of her summer Malibu rental and into her shiny black BMW convertible.

Last week, Kristin admitted she will “pretty much do anything” the producers want her to do on the show. The first of which seems to be feigning romantic interest in resident bad boy Justin Bobby.

There is just no way I can believe that Kristin actually finds JB attractive. Reality check — she has dated the chiseled Brody Jenner and clean-cut “Final Destination” star Nick Zano. They don’t exactly have the snarly beard, suspenders and combat boot look going on.

“He’s so not your type!” I pressed when we met last week at Magnolia restaurant in Hollywood.

“He is a good-looking guy,” she insisted. “No, he’s not someone I typically would go after, but I do have to say after getting to know him a little bit on the show, he’s a good guy.”

Okay. But even if Kristin hypothetically were into JB, her constant Audrina name-dropping made the entire setup feel all too fake.

“How do you think Audrina’s going to feel about us going on a date?” she asked coyly when Justin offered to take her on the back of his motorcycle.

“I think Audrina is still in love with you,” she later said nonchalantly over dinner with Justin at STK. (Honestly, producers? Are we meant to believe a trendy Hollywood steakhouse is JB’s number one choice for a dinner date?)

Justin proceeds to tell Kristin that Audrina was never his girlfriend and that the pair were never exclusive. Is that really supposed to be a huge revelation? Audrina spent an entire season pleading with Justin to make things official. When he refused to put a label on things, she kept seeing him and tried to convince herself and her friends she was OK dating without labels — which she clearly never was.

And in the season opener, at least, it really appears that she’s still in love with Justin.

When Stephanie abruptly dropped the bomb that Kristin and Justin may have gone home together, Audrina’s face instantly dropped and her eyes welled up. Yikes.

Plus, “the stage five clinger,” as bartender Stacie deemed her, prematurely flipped out on Kristin within a couple of minutes of her arrival at the pool party at the London West Hollywood Hotel. I mean, Justin was the one who approached Kristin, and the two had barely exchanged a couple of faux-flirty words before Audrina and sidekick-to-everyone Stephanie got up in Kristin’s face.

“I’m sorry I walked up here and you guys came at me like piranhas,” Kristin said.

“You need to respect Audrina, bottom line,” Stephanie shouted back at her. No wonder she’s ready to exit the show at the end of this season — all of her story lines involve being obsessed with her friends lives instead of her own!

Meanwhile, Spencer and Heidi’s house-hunting pursuits somehow ended up seeming like the most realistic events of the evening. First the pair headed to a suburban house in Brentwood. Spencer wore an interesting get-up, composed of a cowboy hat and boots and a flannel shirt — Poppa Montag’s style influence on his new son-in-law must have been far-reaching.

Despite Heidi’s insistence upon a cozy home with a room for a nursery, Spencer settles upon a modern, glass-filled house perched below the Hollywood sign. I’ll take it that means the children discussion is on hold until that visit to Kitson Baby later in the season.

So, weigh in: Did Kristin’s much-hyped debut live up to your expectations, or did her entrance fall flat? Do you think she and Justin Bobby will make a real love connection? And will Heidi succeed in persuading Spencer to start a family by the end of the season? Chime in below in the comment section.

Photo: Kristin tries to reel in her potential new love interest, Justin Bobby, on “The Hills. Credit: MTV.

Stephanie Pratt says she’s quitting ‘The Hills’

Posted by: Lauren

September 29th, 2009

The new season of “The Hills” with Kristin Cavallari debuts tonight on MTV — but the show may be over before it even begins.

Stephanie Pratt, Spencer’s sister, says she won’t return to the reality show after this season’s 10 episodes. She also told Hollyscoop that Lo Bosworth, Lauren Conrad’s best friend, may also be exiting.

News comes on the heels of Audrina Patridge’s announcemement last month that she’s “almost done” filming the series and will move on to develop her own reality show with “Survivor” producer Mark Burnett.

“I don’t know how much more I can take of ‘The Hills,’ Pratt said. “It is very brutal. … It’s not because of Kristin. I was going to stay and see what happens after these 10 episodes, but I just don’t think I can stand ‘The Hills’ anymore.”

[Update 5:24 p.m.: In an e-mail to ShowTracker, a rep for Pratt wrote: “At this point Stephanie isn’t certain whether or not she’ll be returning next season. Her focus is on this season’s show.”

Yikes! Is anyone left? It certainly looks like the drama in “The Hills” could be coming to a close.

Through her publicist, Pratt could not be reached for comment. Earlier this summer, she posed in a bikini on the cover of US Weekly next to a headline reading “‘The Hills’ Made Me Bulimic.’ ”

What do you think? Could “The Hills” survive without the girls we’ve all come to know and love? Would you watch the “Spencer and Heidi” show?

The Hills Salaries Exposed

Posted by: Lauren

September 28th, 2009

So how much do the cast of the hill make per episode?
“Cavallari is being paid $90,000 an episode, which is almost as much as Conrad was making: $125,000 an episode (or $2.5 million a year), according to a person with knowledge of the show’s contracts. Conrad’s deal stipulated that no other star’s salary could match hers while she was on The Hills, but those of supporting cast members Audrina Patridge, Lauren “Lo” Bosworth, and Montag come close: $100,000 a show. As for Pratt, his rate is a slightly less at $65,000 per show, because he only joined as a regular in 2008. (In comparison, the stars of The Real Housewives series receive a reported $30,000 a show.) In the case of Brody Jenner, Conrad’s BFFWB (Best Friend Forever With Benefits), he takes in $45,000. Read the rest here

Lauren Conrad and Lauren “Lo” Bosworth

Posted by: Lauren

September 22nd, 2009

Enjoying a little quality time together, Lauren Conrad and Lauren “Lo” Bosworth were spotted out at La Scala in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (September 21).

With LC using Lo as a human shield, the former “Hills” co-stars laughed and hugged one another as they made their way out of the popular local eatery.

Over the weekend, Miss Conrad kept busy by splitting time between boyfriend Kyle Howard and her Kohl’s launch duties.

As part of her line’s launch, Lauren took part in California Coastal Cleanup Day, plugging her new offerings by telling press: “I am very excited to be launching LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s later this month because it’s going to 300 stores and it’s going to be on”

I love My Bf Tshirts

Posted by: Lauren

July 7th, 2009

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The Hills Season 5 is Coming!

Posted by: Lauren

February 28th, 2009

The Hills is back and this season certainly seems like it is going to be more… what? Yep – Drama! The trailer of this reality-soap shows exactly how much drama that will happen in the upcoming season. Looks like there will be all sorts of surprises this year. Check it out:

So – the questions are…. Will Heide and Spencer weather the stormy season? Will Lauren forgive? Will this even be the last season? And what other spinoff reality show will come out of The Hills?

Stay tuned!

Jersey Shore Quiz

Posted by: Lauren

October 3rd, 2008

Are you a big fan of Jersey Shore as much as The Hills? How well do you know the cast of Jersey Shore and the show in general? Take this Jersey Shore quiz online and find out if you’re truely the biggest Jersey Shore fan out there!

The Hills and Jersey Shore is definitely the two most popular shows by MTV. While The Hills are no longer airing new episodes Jersey Shore is only on its second season and already becoming the most popular reality TV show in the world.

Take the Jersey Shore Quiz Now!